School Compliant Water

Slightly sparkling flavoured School compliant water that meets with the UK governments regulations for Schools.

Sugar Free School Compliant Water

Highfield's flavoured water is sugar-free and less than 1.4 calories per 100ml. As a result, it is a healthy choice for Schools.

Our School compliant water gives caterers, teachers and parents products that keeps pupils hydrated, is sugar-free and tastes great.

We are taking steps to make our bottles fully recyclable. Therefore helping to bring the message of looking after our environment into schools.

Powering creative thinking

Brains depend on hydration to function. Brain cells require a balance between water and various elements to operate. When you aren't hydrated enough this balance is disrupted. As a result, your brain cells lose their efficiency.

Research has shown that when people are thirsty and dehydrated we have more difficulty keeping our attention focused. This can impair short-term memory function. It can also affect the recall of long-term memory such as the ability to perform simple mental arithmetic.

Therefore, keeping hydrated throughout the day is essential to keep the brain ticking along.

All our glass and PET bottles are recyclable. We are also fully accredited by SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved) and the BWCA.