Contract Bottling

We offer a contract bottling service allowing customers to develop their own products, brands and ideas.

Sugar Free School Compliant Water

Using our spring water as well as our machinery we can bottle in either PET or glass bottles ranging from 330ml up to 1.5L and beyond.

At Highfield we have our own natural spring as well as advanced bottling processes. The result of this enables us to bottle water at the source, water that has been filtered through the limestone rock of the Derbyshire countryside. Above all, Highfield Drinks Group have the efficiency and flexibility to deliver high-quality products.

Contract Bottling Services
  • Vending filling, capping & labelling (18.9L)
  • Carbonating up to 6.0
  • Crown Capping or Screw Capping (including Sports Cap)
  • PET or glass bottling
  • Storage on site at an additional cost

For any more information around the contract bottling service that we can offer, visit our Contact Us page and we will get back in touch.

All our glass and PET bottles are recyclable. We are also fully accredited by SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved) and the BWCA.