WeCan Solutions Ltd and Highfield Drinks Group announce a Strategic Partnership to deliver a quality-focused, dedicated water can-packing facility, and other services, based in Melbourne, Derby, UK.

This partnership means that we will be the only co-packer to have a dedicated facility for the can-packing of pure water (still and sparkling) at a source of Natural Spring Water. By dedicating the canning facility to water packing, we eliminate the risk of flavour taint and CO2 pick-up which is common when packing water at mixed beverage facilities.

We Can

Through our partnership, we now deliver some of the finest Spring Water in Europe packed into Cans, Glass and PET. Furthermore, we have the highest level of expertise when it comes to packing water into fully recyclable aluminium cans.

Customers with their own water source are provided with an effective transportation solution to permit packing at this dedicated facility. We are excited to also announce the ability to pack Aluminum Bottles of pure water, favoured water and other mixed beverages on the same site. Offering pure and natural Spring Water that will be packed at source.

We Can

We look forward to announcing the details of our considerable expansion of the facility in early 2020. For any further details, please contact us.