Highfield History

To find the beginning of Highfield Drinks Group story, you will need to take it right back to 1912.

Our ancestor, Isaac Smith, moved to Derbyshire to work the land and live the journey that we’re still on today.

A large part of the History of Highfield is the family business of market gardening. Melbourne is still associated with market gardening to this day. It was one of the major trades of the town from the late 1800s to early 2000s. Families and businesses would grow vegetables for the local cities of Derby and Nottingham.

Our site continued to be used for the family market gardening business until 1995. The original borehole was sunk which provided irrigation for the crops and vegetables that were sold.

In 2003 the family business diversified as we got the water source tested. This resulted in the discovery of pure spring water and a new business was formed. The same borehole is still utilised for the business today. It enables us to extract our pure spring water from 220ft underground.

This has meant we still utilise the same land our family move to in 1912. We have continued the family trend of living off the land for well over 100 years.

The National Forest

Highfields is also part of the National Forest.

In 2000, hundreds of trees were planted making a natural habitat to wildlife. Also, utilising the land in the area that used to be for growing the crops and vegetables.

The National Forest is the first forest to be created at scale in England for over 1000 years.

Melbourne is a small Georgian market town in a delightful part of Derbyshire on the edge of The National Forest.

It is about 8 miles south of Derby and 2 miles from the River Trent. It contains a good range of shops, pubs and restaurants.

Melbourne means 'Mill Stream' so it is appropriate that one of the best known features is the old mill pool known as Melbourne Pool. This was landscaped in 1845 for the former Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne.